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Addiction in the Workplace

Employers face many of challenges:

  • limited program availability
  • poor communication between programs and employers
  • Programs that do not address the entire scope of addiction
  • Little to no after care support
  • No clear boundaries or accountability for employees

Drug addiction and alcoholism ruin the lives of everyone it touches. And it’s not just the person who is addicted that suffers; friends, family and co-workers often pay the price for the consequences of having an addiction as well. For employers, this price tag can be a large one, due to on-the-job injuries, lost productivity, absenteeism and other factors.

Addiction is considered a disability due to an illness and thus an employer cannot simply terminate the worker’s employment without first offering to support their medical problem. There is also a financial gain that can occur when an employer facilitates treatment to support their employee’s illness as it is far more costly to terminate an employee than to rehabilitate them. Employees who successfully complete rehabilitation tend to have far fewer performance issues than those who had never had an addiction concern or sought help through the Employee Assistance Program for other related personal issues.

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Working Together

The Habitude™ Addiction Program is the only one of its kind in Canada for men. We offer an integrative program that involves  holistic practices.  Employees are medically supervised in a Home-style Residential Program; that utilizes licensed clinicians, offers family education and most importantly offers an after care plan that can help support your employee for 2 additional years  that includes mandatory drug testing.

This is a common sense approach whereby we help support their bodies and mind and nurture their spirit. Your employee will return to work productive, with an overall sense of well being. Imagine what this will do to boost the health and safety for all of your employees as well as your community at large.  By working together,  we can help by to make a difference in the life of your employee.


  • A completely holistic program that will address the physical afflictions of the addiction
  • Medical supervision by a Licensed Medical Doctor and Naturopathic Doctor to ensure best practise for this support.
  • Our medical team supports the detoxification process from a physiological perspective, focusing on Phase II detoxification conjugation via basic, well-researched nutritional biochemistry
  • Gender specific residential program
  • Maximum 9 Clients for personalized attention
  • Home Environment that is conducive for healing and recovery
  • Comprehensive Programming ( Medical, Emotional, Physical)
  • Emotional support from Professional Licensed Clinicians during and after the completion of Programming.
  • Our Counselling Team supports the individual and their family by offering psycho-therapeutic counselling, groups and workshops
  • Personalized Family Education Workshop and counselling
  • Introduction to 12 Step Programs
  • Introduction to Alternative supports. Our Holistic Team offer alternative way to coping with their emotional and spiritual needs.
  • A personalized social network of peers is created to maintain healthy boundaries and appropriate consequences in their recovery
  • A program that endorses mandatory drug testing.


  • OPTION FOR: A continuum of recovery for up to two additional years post treatment that includes all drug/alcohol testing kits


The Habitude™ Addictions Program should be your 1st choice for employees that are considered an asset to your company when they are not abusing substances.


Insurance Coverage

Today’s people are seeking alternative medical support in their lives. In the past, traditional treatment facilities offered mainstream support. This style of treatment rarely offers support for the bio-physical afflictions of the addiction.

Today’s families and employers want choices. They want the ability to choose the type of program that will support their loved one or employer in their recovery. Many Proactive Employers and Employees are seeking changes to their policies to allow them to choose an alternative/ holistic program. The Habitude™ Addiction Program is a Medically Supervised Holistic Program. We will ensure that when your employee or loved one returns, we will support their whole system…. BODY, MIND AND SOUL!

To find out if you have Insurance Coverage, contact your companies Benefit Insurance Company or speak to someone from your Human Resources department to find out if your insurance company supports Holistic Treatment Programs.

Should your Insurance Company need supporting information, we can accommodate them by sending our program outline directly to the insurance company to review.

Please ask your Insurance Company to call and speak with a Turning Point Representative  1-877-523-8369 or email us.

Employee Assistance Programs

An EAP, or Employee Assistance Program, is a confidential, short term service for employees with personal problems that affect their work performance. EAPs are typically part of a larger company plan to promote wellness which involves written policies, supervisor and employee training, and in some cases, a mandatory drug testing program.

More and more, individuals are looking for alternative ways to deal with their addiction or their loved one’s addiction.   Today, individuals are seeking alternatives and using complementary modalities to attain overall wellness. They want choices to attain wellness in their own lives.

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Signs of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

  • Frequent, prolonged, and often unexplained absences
  • Involvement in accidents both on and off the job
  • Erratic work patterns and reduced productivity
  • Indifference to personal hygiene
  • Overreaction to real or imagined criticism
  • Such overt physical signs as exhaustion or hyperactivity, dilated pupils, slurred speech, or an unsteady walk
  • Marijuana users may have bloodshot or glassy eyes and a persistent cough.
  • Cocaine users display increased energy and enthusiasm early in their drug involvement. Later they may be subject to extreme mood swings and can become paranoid or delusional.

What you can do

Substance abusers in the workplace create a problem that affects you and should concern you. There are a number of ways in which you can do something about it.

  • Don’t be an “enabler.”
  • When you cover up for substance abusers, lend them money, or help conceal poor work performance, you are protecting them from the consequences of their behaviour. You are making it possible for them to continue abusing drugs or alcohol. You may think you’re being a friend, but you are doing them no favour
  • Don’t “look the other way.”
  • If you suspect drugs are being used or being sold, you should report it to a supervisor, security or human resources personnel. Such contacts are confidential and, in many organizations, this information can be conveyed anonymously.
  • Don’t intervene on your own.

Employees are often reluctant to let management know when they suspect drug activity, worried that any coworkers they identify will be penalized or even lose their jobs. The reality is that you place a co-worker in far greater jeopardy when you don’t  report your concern and, in that way, make continued drug use possible. The threat of being fired often provides a potent deterrent to substance abuse and will prompt many drug- and alcohol-troubled workers to accept help when they had previously ignored the pleas of family and friends. Faced with the possibility of losing their jobs, workers who have refused to recognize or acknowledge their substance abuse are often motivated to enter treatment and—what may be even more important—remain in treatment long enough to make fundamental changes in attitudes and behaviour.

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