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One step at a time…

Picking up the phone is the first step…. one of many, when someone decides to make a positive change in their life. 

We understand the anxiety that surrounds making a decision to seek help. Our team of professionals understand what you are feeling at this time. Many of us have been there too, and we want your experience to be better than ours.

The Turning Point Habitude™ Addiction Program understands that your situation is causing you concern, anger, fear, anxiety and more.  You are now looking to make a decision that will dissipate these  feelings. Our Director of Peer Support or Executive Director will personally support you in this process.

Initially, information is exchanged and if the individual is a good candidate for the Program a second call is scheduled to complete the assessment process.  It must be fair trade. We must be the right program for you or your loved one and you must be looking for a comprehensive program. We don’t want to waste your money and we don’t want to waste our time on clients that don’t want to be in this type of program. We have other client’s interests to think about too. They are here because they believe in what we do, and want to take advantage of what we offer. Many have been to traditional programs, or dipped their toe in the bath water, so to speak and now realize that recovery is about doing all the work, not just some of it. They know that their substance has affected them physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. It has also affected their family. They know that just wanting it today… may not be how they feel tomorrow and are working towards creating a plan for success.

We are Bio-Psycho-Social and Spiritual Program and offer stellar support for our clients and their families. Our families are looking for a good solid after-care that will support them in their continuum of recovery. Our clients are not looking for a quick fix or a cure. They are looking to change their habits and their attitude. They want to start creating memories, not regrets.

If you are looking for this type of program…. then we are a good fit!

  • We will be by your side every step of the way and so will our Team.
  • We will help you with legal, or work matters. 
  • We will help you to tell your employer. 
  • We will help you to gather support with your decision. 
  • We will provide updates to your employers, professional organizations or legal representatives.
  • We will provide daily updates to your family the first week you are in program and are always available to answer any question or concern your family or employer might have.
  • We will provide you and your family with your own personal counsellor.