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How to tell my Employer

Abusing substances not only puts you at risk, it also puts your employer at risk.  Your fear is that if  you reveal the truth their may be consequences to your disclosure, but the reality is that all employer want and need to know  how best to help their employees and do not want to put you, other employees, customers, or their businesses at risk.  The Return on investment is their bottom line, and healthy workers make for a healthy business.

There can be times when you are not sure if your employer will feel that way, and you don’t feel that your employer will be supportive of your decision. The reality is that in those situations, you are still best to be truthful. The discussion still needs to happen, and you need to take control of your tenure with your employer.

Create a list of what your addiction has cost you or your family

  • Create a list of what your addiction could cost you if you don’t get help ( financially, relationships, career)
  • Do research to understand your addiction ( physical and mental afflictions)
  • Understand what areas of your life have been impacted by your addiction ( physical,emotional social, spiritual)
  • Develop a strategic plan for success that include a team to help you obtain your goals (short term and long term)
  • Understand everything that is involved in treatment ( what you need to do to get there)
  • Understand that obtaining healthy habits and a positive attitude doesn’t happen over night….
  • Check into Habitude™ with an open mind and motivation for change