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Interactive Shows about Addiction

Mark Elliot  – Saturday Evening from 11pm – 2am on CFRB (FM 1010)

What is People Helping People? It’s a radio program about addictions Saturday nights 11pm-2am.
Addictions are one of the largest growing problems in the world today.
Alcohol and drugs are the addictions most easily recognized everyday… But, Gambling, Eating Disorders, Internet, and Sexual addictions also make up a substantial problem!People can be addicted to the Stock Market: Hanging on the next quote…Just as they can be terrified by the world outside and housebound by Agoraphobia!

Hosted by Mark Elliot, People Helping People is a weekly openline radio talkshow that connects people with problems, with people who have solutions!


Living Clean, Living Well

Turning Point’s Habitude™ Program is a title sponsor of The Living Clean, Living Well show – Canada€™s only weekly call €“in television show addressing abuse, addictions and other related issues. This one-hour show airs 11:30 p.m. each Sunday on CTS-TV, Bell ExpressVu (651) and Star Choice (351) Have you been watching the show? Contact us with your feedback – we’d love to hear from you!


Podcasts Coming Soon.