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Integrated Medical Team

Dr. Shelly Linehan, ND  Naturopathic Doctor

The role of a Doctor of Naturopathic medicine at Turning Point is to assess the men’s overall health and wellness and  develop individual programs tailored to meet their specific detoxification needs.

Dr. Linehan said the unique blend of physical detoxification with sauna and vitamin and mineral supplements has a dramatic effect within days of starting treatment. “These men are able to think clearly, have significantly reduced cravings for their addictive substance and look ahead to a clean life,” she noted. “It has been a pleasure to work in this environment and see the benefits manifest so quickly.”

Dr. Linehan’s approach to biophysical detoxification is rooted in basic physiology, and how the use of orthomolecular, nutritional and herbal therapy can  not only support individuals, but truly optimize the functioning of those in recovery.

Dr. Linehan medically monitors the men very closely with compassion and understanding. She has a true desire to see these men succeed in their recovery and is instrumental in helping them to build a strategic plan that will allow them to attain those hopes and dreams.


Dr. Carolyn Rogers, MD   Medical Advisor

Dr. Carolyn Rogers graduated from McMaster University Medical Program in 1990 and from the McMaster Family Medicine program in 1992. Dr. Rogers has worked locally as a family physician since that time.

Dr. Rogers has attended many Canadian Association of Addiction Medicine conferences where experts have talked about the importance of a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to the treatment of addiction. 

She began working as the Medical Director at Turning Point in 2011 and accepted the role of Medical Advisor in 2013.  

Dr. Rogers believes that The Habitude™ Addiction Program addresses each of these facets of recovery in a unique and intensive way.


Dr. David Smosarski,  Medical Doctor                     

Dr. David Smosarski is a board-certified family physician, in good standing. Dr. Smosarski graduated from McGill University in 1988 and completed the Family Medicine Residency in 1990. Dr. Smosarski has over 20 years of rural medicine experience and has been an Associate Clinical Professor teaching associated with McMaster University since 1995.

Dr. Smosarski has always believed in the bio-psycho-social model of medicine. In fact in his experience, it is the psychosocial aspect of the client that perhaps governs overall health and wellbeing in a person.

Dr. Smosarski says “In the treatment of addiction there are always layers of emotions and thinking that distort the view of life, self, and the ability to interact with others in a healthy fashion with proper boundaries. The use of substances to “cope” with theses distortions leads to an increasingly destructive lifestyle which often leads to the isolation of the person suffering from addiction.

At Turning Point through a holistic approach looking at the client not only in terms of his/her own issues but those people in the immediate life of the individual we are able to discern the true nature of the malady. Detoxification is an important component of this process and applying it through traditional and naturopathic medicine we are able to get to the person behind the substances and are able to start working with a “clean slate” so to speak.”

He is grateful to be able to be a part of this process and believes in the approach that Turning Point offers its clients. He feels that Turning Point’s Habitude™ Addiction Program success in the treatment of addiction is a testimony to this collaborative effort.

The clients at Turning Point value and refer to Dr. Smosarski as Dr. Dave and truly respect his expertise, compassion, understanding and support of the “bio-psycho-social challenges of addiction.



Leslee Klineberg

Dr. Leslee Klineberg is a licensed, practicing Naturopath with over a decade of clinical experience. Having earned her degree in Organic Chemistry from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, Leslee then trained at the Academy of Natural Therapies in the Gold Coast of Australia.

As a graduate, she was honoured with the prestigious Blackmores Award for Outstanding Achievement in Herbal Medicine as well as the Bioconcepts Award for Distinguished Academic Performance in Nutrition.

The primary focus of Leslee’s practice has always centered on herbal medicine and nutrition. Her unique blend of skills, knowledge and experience has enhanced every aspect of the compounding process. Leslee has been providing a first-rate service to practitioners since 1998, and continues to provide the highest quality of raw materials. She has also lent her years of clinical experience to the compounding of unique formulations.

As a practicing naturopath, Leslee understands the needs and challenges of fellow practitioners, recognizing that the uniqueness of each patient calls for a personalized approach in order to  achieve optimum results.

Committed to bringing naturopathy back to its roots, Leslee believes in the importance of empowering practitioners and inspiring them to practice the full depth and breadth of their profession.


Dr. Linehan,  Dr. Doherty  and Dr. Klineberg designed Turning Point’s Habitude™ Detoxification Program specific to strongly addictive substances. This included orthomolecular supports as drugs and alcohol damage the body’s natural ability to achieve ideal health.  

Dr. Carissa Doherty, as well as  her co-creators, is very highly qualified, having completed an Honours degree at the University of Guelph in Bio-Medical Toxicology in 2002. She is a well respected physician with a thriving practice in Burlington, Ontario.

“Dr. Doherty has seen “excellent results” and proudly stated that “the men I have met are motivated and inspired to change their lives. I have had the honour to work with men who have put their hearts into altering their health. This program supports their bodies and minds and allows them to be strong and healthy while achieving what they hoped – a substance-free future.” 
 When these addictive substances are withdrawn, the body remains ravaged by the damage. Without support, health is a long way off. With natural vitamin and mineral support, the body can repair the damage and eliminate traces of drugs and alcohol from the body. 

 The Turning Point protocol of all-natural detoxification includes support for the liver, digestive system, adipose (fat – where the debris from drugs and alcohol are stored), and neurotransmitters which help support positive mood.