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Turning Point is a very small facility that focuses on individualized programming. We are not a financial institution. Our program has been covered under some insurance plans, some union plans and some employers have decided to pay outside of their benefits when they feel the return on investment is justified. Medi-Card is also a 3rd party financier who deals with any types of treatment not covered under Government medical insurance. Banks and Credit Unions have also been very open to setting up lines of credits at very low interest rates.

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Turning Point accepts certified cheque, bank draft, money order or wire transfers in Canadian Or US Dollars**

** Clients paying with a US credit card will be charged in Canadian dollars. The actual amount paid will be indicated on the credit card statement following an exchange rate adjustment as determined by the credit card company. Clients paying by cheque in US dollars will be subject to the Canadian/American dollar exchange rate established by our Canadian bank. Actual fees for clients paying in US dollars will be based on the Canadian/American dollar exchange rate at the time of deposit.

All payment arrangements must be made directly with a representative from Turning Point.

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