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Why is proper detoxification so important?

Dr. Shelly Linehan, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine


Daily saunas, combined with hydration and therapeutic use of vitamins, to help rid the body of toxins and metabolites that act as a ‘memory’ of the addiction,” explains Dr. Shelly Linehan, a practicing Naturopathic Doctor who assesses each client during their treatment. The body naturally stores these residues in fatty tissues. It is important to draw these toxins out so they can be released from the body to prevent new physical craving. This greatly enhances the prospect of a sustainable long-term recovery. As part of the medically supervised vitamin supplementation protocol, each client takes daily doses of vitamin B3, which causes capillaries in the body to dilate. “This increases blood flow in the body’s tiniest blood vessels, allowing toxins to be rapidly removed from fatty stores for processing and elimination from the body. The process has produced startling and dramatic results! “


Dr Leslee Klineberg, Naturopathic Doctor, owner of Signature Supplements

Signature Supplements Inc. is a 100% Canadian owned and operated compounder of natural products. They offer professional-only custom compounding. Dr. Linehan worked diligently on the vitamin therapy with Dr. Leslee Klineburg and created the protocols for The Habitude™ Addiction Program. Our clients receive the highest grade, effective formula to support Orthomolecular Therapy while in The Habitude™ Addiction Program. This formula called Lifesource™ is only available to the clients of The Habitude™ Addiction Program. We ensure that our compounds are not sold in a retail environment or under any circumstances where a practitioner-patient relationship is not present.

Detoxification, Orthomolecular Medicine and Addiction:

  • Our Medical Team know that Drugs and Alcohol damage the body’s natural ability to achieve ideal health.
  • Our Medical Team are aware that when these addictive substances are withdrawn, the body remains ravaged by the damage
  • Without our support, optimal health is a long way off.
  • With natural vitamin support, the body can repair the damage and eliminate traces of drugs and alcohol from the body.
  • Evidenced based vitamin and mineral therapy is an essential component of helping to detoxify the body and rebuild physical systems damaged by the effects of addiction.
  • The protocols used for the detoxification are all-natural and include support for the liver, digestive system, adipose (fat – where the debris from drugs and alcohol are stored), and neurotransmitters which help support positive mood
  • Our Naturopathic Physicians have developed protocols that combine evidenced based vitamin therapy with sauna treatments to draw out and expel these residues along with environmental toxins.
  • Combination of sauna with plenty of fluids and nutritional supplementation produces extraordinary results by removing drug and alcohol residues from the body.
  • Completion of this portion of the program, results in greatly reduced cravings for drugs and/or alcohol, or elimination of these cravings entirely
  • These residues, left unchecked, can trigger future drug or alcohol cravings and depression.
  • Mental alertness and clarity of thinking improve while drug-induced depression often vanishes.
  • Research has established that many types of drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, Valium, PCP, amphetamines (crank, crystal, meth, ecstasy, etc.), alcohol, and medicinal drugs, such as narcotic painkillers, tranquilizers, anti-depressants and sleeping pills, can remain in the body’s fatty tissues for years. These residues can make it difficult, if not impossible, for an individual to achieve the desired outcome by triggering a variety of symptoms, including cravings and depression.